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It's a Rock & Roll rodeo.
02|10|07 - 11:33
Actors: Ryan and Jason - Best friends

Time for a new start, this journal has become way to disorganized for me.
Want to come with me? Add the new one up - syxstring
syxstring syxstring syxstring syxstring
02|10|07 - 16:43 (UTC)
But I love Monticora! It only just feels like I barely settled myself into your lovely journal which always reminded me of Alec. Anyways. Adding the new one, love.
02|10|07 - 16:47 (UTC)
Adding the new one. It seems to be going around this moving thing. I'm even contemplating it.
02|10|07 - 16:55 (UTC)
I added you!
02|10|07 - 16:57 (UTC)
Sorry I haven't much commented lately, but I added the new one. :]
02|10|07 - 19:39 (UTC)
I added ya. Add me back when you get a chance yo! :P

Have a great rest of the weekend!
02|10|07 - 20:36 (UTC)

As you know I have this friends-limit thing going on, should I defriend this journal and friend syxstring instead? :-)
02|11|07 - 15:47 (UTC)
Oh yea, I forgot about that for you.
Yea, I would just de-friend this one and add syxstring
Sorry about the hassle. :)
02|11|07 - 21:46 (UTC)
Done. ;-)
02|11|07 - 01:36 (UTC)
I love your new username. But you crack me up. You are so OCD about neatness/organization. I ♥ you.
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